My wish list for /e/

OTA updates for unofficial builds

Some rare maintainers provide OTA for their unofficial builds,
Do you ask for hosting infra ?

I haven’t asked here. I might try that.

My wish list:

  • One of the most important apps for me is “Notes”.
    It would be nice if it were possible to adjust the font size. I would also like it better if you could define the heading of a note separately in the app (as in the original Notes app by niedermann).And it would be good if the heading of a note automatically appeared in BOLD in the notes overview (as in the original notes app). It would also be good if you could format texts ((bold, italic) in the desktop-view too, not only in the app.
  • A privacy-friendly keyboard with a comprehensive dictionary and glide typing would be great. The (German) dictionary of the AOSP keyboard is unfortunately a joke, since years. I have tried many keyboards; FlorisBoard makes a good impression, but is still at a very early development.
  • The Bliss Launcher is the worst launcher I have seen so far. But I don’t mind, I use Olauncher anyway.
  • A built-in tracker remover would be great, if there is such a thing at all.
  • a way to set the maximum charge level would be very nice, I’ve attached a screenshot where you can see what I mean (it’s from the custom rom crdroid).

The Notes app lacks a feature for exporting notes in at least one way as a simple, readable file. I don’t need a synchronization with any cloud, I need an export as text or XML or JSON. Because of that missing feature I don’t use it.

Sending a bunch of notes as an email attachment would also be great.

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Did you know that you can find every note as a txt file under “Files” in the Notes folder?

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“I tell you whawat, bobbeh…” I could really use a stable OS that doesn’t require me to change tethering functionalities every 6 months

I have no Notes folder. Where should that be?

Speaking to one competent Apple user who might give /e/ a trial at some time, her appetite for delving under the hood was zero. This reinforces my feeling that /e/ is brilliant as it is for many incoming new users and I find it incredible that it can be built and run successfully on such a wide variety of brands and devices.

I would like to see an enhancement along the lines of @petefoth and @smu44 above My wish list for /e/ - #26 by petefoth and My wish list for /e/ - #69 by petefoth and issue #3969 if it produced an “Adventurer Edition”. The proposal should not be an extra workload on fundamental /e/.

/e/ Adventurer starts from /e/ core in the form of a (probably adjusted) Minimum_Apps and a faceless launcher that would not interfere with other launchers.

An interactive way populating the UI is provided… but maybe building the UI has to be covered in documentation.

Option 1 the user could install all the regular /e/ apps (but are now non-system). Other options would exist.

Building the modified UI to address many issues that are frequently raised involves deciding an appropriate selection of apps - probably entry level apps only. Writing documentation then avoids “target group users” involved with system apps, uninstall, uninstall for --user 0, or disable.

Long term I would hope to use an App store provided by /e/ but users can choose and more easily teach themselves to take responsibility for updating from the correct source.

The bar for users to customise /e/ in many ways (including proprietary cameras) is lowered. An example of the flexible learning opportunity of this edition is that, at worst, a factory reset undoes mistakes and the user can restore /e/ as we know and love.

You speak about this ecloud. But my device does not synchronize with any cloud at all. For reasons!

The device itself has the data but not in files in any Notes folder, I searched for it. That’s why I demand an export.

Both the /e/ Notes app and the NextCloud Notes app (of which /e/s app is a fork) are designed to work with NextCloud, and it is the integration with NextCloud that allows export of notes as .txt files.

As you wish to work without a cloud account, then you should use a different app. Check out Notally | Minimalist Notes from F-Droid. It’s Open Source, allows export of Notes in a number of formats, and seesm to be just waht you are looking for.

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That’s what I actually do. But integrating any damned JSON export into the stock app is a work of half a day. I did this several times on other places.

Well both apps are open source, so you could submit a patch or MR. No point having /e/ staff spend their time on this when you already know how to do it :slight_smile:

/e/ App

NextCloud Notes


I think I’ve finished creating the feature proposal for now.

I have also created a new forum thread to discuss it, so it doesn’t get lost in this thread :slight_smile:

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I have one more suggestion for improvement that I think is important:
It would be good if you could select WHERE you are searching in the ecloud (browser view) in the search: If I am in the “Notes” and click on the search icon, I would like to be able to select that I search for the term ONLY in notes and not in the entire cloud. Currently it is searched in apps, notes, files, comments, deck, messages etc.
This is quite sluggish, plus it shows me results I don’t even need.

When I search for a term in notes, I only want results from the notes to be suggested.


My additional list for features for /e/ :

  1. App Encryption

  2. Secure Keyboard:

  1. Identification for Unknown Number:

  2. Pseudo Base Station Blocking

Phone / Device ON / OFF : To save battery.

These features are avialable in OxygenOS (Oppo)



But oxygen is not /e/
And /e/ will not be oxygen
And some features are only possible in nexus phones because of its special security chip

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Yes you are right.
I m a lay person and Manoj raised a topic for Wish list and I created it.
Yes /e/ is /e/. If and only if possible then you can add those features. Otherwise it is ok.
And yes, thanks for explanation.

I want to second that! I have exactly the same problems.