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Working android auto

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When I traveled to a different area in July and had trouble getting any signal which, with my phone’s inability to support Wi-Fi calling, rendered it useless, I reached out to support. They did reply, but said they weren’t sure if they would ever get the VoLTE issue solved for Samsung, and that I should just hope for the best. I had invested a significant amount of money to buy the phone and didn’t anticipate needing to replace it less than 6 months after purchase. More recently, when they sent out an email announcing that a new Murena phone that supported VoLTE was available in the U.S., I reached out again to see if any progress had been made in enabling it for my S9. No, it hadn’t. So because my phone is basically walking dead, I haven’t seen much benefit in chasing down solutions to these lesser issues. I only put off replacing it because I dread crawling back to privacy-invasive Android.

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I think your wish got granted already with the teracube, but the other difficulties you encountered would still be an issue even with a new device. Could you shell out your review into a separate thread and we’ll go through bit by bit what can be done (ignoring VoLTE/WifiCalling with the S9 and T-Mobile US)? mp3 downloads and adding contacts at least should not be an issue.

For sure it seems you won’t get happy staying on either the device or the provider. It’s unfortunate this wasn’t explicit when you bought the phone? If efoundation didn’t warn US/CAN users for LTE Band incompatabilities at time of purchase they could be acommondating. If it’s not up to the shop → get yourself an aftermarket teracube shipped from europe and we’ll help. Easyinstaller can do it, both phones are at the same value so the economic loss shouldn’t be large.

Thanks for your reply and offer to help. But I’m confused as to how you think that me purchasing an additional phone will somehow offset the money I’ve already spent on the current one. Do you mean there’s a market somewhere for my S9 as it currently is (loaded with /e/), and that if I sell it I’ll recoup enough to buy an aftermarket (meaning used?) Teracube?

that was my thinking, to recoup costs by selling S9 - if the eshop cannot help by let you trade it in. But in general - your wishlist post contained bits were you had difficulties beyond the device, so those would need to be addressed separately anyway

I ran into a similar situation as you, purchased an S9+ and an S9 before finding out they didn’t play nice with T-Mobile. I was able to sell both (one on these forums and one on eBay) for enough money to replace them with a OnePlus 6T and a Moto G7 Plus. I was very up front with what the devices were and my troubles with them, and there were no shortage of bids/offers. I know it’s an inconvenience but it can work out in your favor.

I send you this proposal.
In the roms with google services they bring the option of digital well-being, logically if you want to install it depending on the gapps.
Is it possible to include this in a future rom?
I have used several applications, but they are all very bad and none works as well as the one from google.

More useful features, while using /e/, it feels just like a generic Lineage fork, like those that come with a substratum theme or something like that, it’s just all about the ecloud services, we need something more like ‘Paranoid Android ROM’, they made a ROM, that is just different and useful in its own way, not an UI clone of iOS and Google services. I love what /e/'s doing, but I would like to see it make real progress, as a community and a ROM, maybe /e/ could go more in the way harmony did, after all, there’s OpenHarmony OS, so it shouldn’t be that hard to port all the forks /e/ uses.

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Hi @MusicSlave66, Farid, I am sure your account will not be deleted, but perhaps you can tell me if this was just an unlucky install experience, which we could help to correct (on another thread) or else what are the actual features which you would like to see improved. Good luck in your search for the perfect smartphone ROM - but even the best always needs more work.

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Like other ones wrote, bank (i.e. Fideuram) and authentication (i.e. CieID) apps working.

Thanks for everything but, now I’m just waiting to see if my phone gets an update for /e/ soon

That the phones are able to pass the safetynet procedure!

I’m going to expand on the “uninstall preloaded apps” wish. Would a dialog during initial setup asking what to install be possible? I like the /e/ suite of apps, but I prefer Brave simply for desktop syncing, and don’t really like having two (well three, DDG) browsers installed on my phone.


You can uninstall default apps with adb, just for User 0. Works fine


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Yes, I am with you! A possibility to uninstall/or not install the preloaded Apps would be helpful. For example I prefer FairEmail over a modified K9… Sure I can remove it with ADB. But there should be an easier way in my opinion

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Seems like that v0.22 can now finally do that :partying_face:

Now only root detection need to work out of the box for non rooted devices:

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I don’t understand why this is such a problem? Just create a folder and put all the apps you don’t need in there and you’ll never see them again.

Just think of the work load of a “dialog during initial setup asking what to install”. The /e/ team would need to test for each release all possible combinations and setups. Apps would just crash because there would be the possibility of “no browser” or “no e-mail app” installed. If you offer more choice to pick between apps which do the same, then you also have to test e.g. the 5 mail apps you offer! /e/OS doesn’t come with any closed source applications (except Maps) or ads preinstalled so we are just fine with a folder called “useless” filled up with all the apps you don’t need. I’d rather see them working on more essential features :smile:


Internal apps’ calls to unused apps can feed little bugs so ‘user 0’ uninstall is the safest and easiest way.

You are right, this is a possibility. But the best unused app is a not installed app. As long as an app is installed I have to maintain/update the app. And this brings always some sort of risks.

Maybe a selection during the installation process is difficult to maintain, as you said. But why not let me choose to deinstall unused apps in the Settings? Is there a good reason not to allow it?