Native Applications

I went through the list of applications.
Why not set Wire and GKSMS as native applications. They are open source.
For mails the application could be Fairemail?

Because everyone prefers a different app. You will never find a app which fits vor all.
And you are free to install what you want on e. And in near future there will come a small e-OS without default apps. Than there will be no need to remove / disable no needed apps.

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You are right.
Thank you for the answer.

@harvey186 Actually I do agree with you and prefer e-OS without default apps (or better to say to be able to remove default apps). However thinking about it (and considering Telegram and Signal were removed for good reasons), Wire is really good (although my personal favorite is Jami). There is even the possibility to set up a Wire account with the /e/ email address if someone does have one. What I found silly is the default flashlight app icon if there is flashlight in the drop down menu anyway.