Netflix doesn't work

Hello, when I try to launch the Netflix app on my fairphone with the latest /e/os version (it was the same with the older versions I had) I get, after a few seconds, an error message that says “Echec de l’appareil. Veuillez le redémarrer et réessayer (501.-1006).” and nothing change if I reboot the phone.

Hello and welcome in the forum.
I don’t have this problem: view about 1 minute without problem. But I didn’t update Netflix often: my version is 8.75.0 build 6 50446 and the package is this:
I’m on eOS v. 1.12.3-s-20230615299639-stable-FP4.
You could try to clear cache and storage (you will lose your password accout and the next time you will have to rewrite it).
Also take a look at this case (unlocked bootloader): Fairphone 4 Netflix issues

Thanks for your answer, that might be it I did not successfully re activate the secure boot after installing the os, I will try again and tell if it works :slight_smile:

Wait why by reactivating the boot loader I lost all my data ??? Is there a way to get them back please ??? (Looks like my stuf has been saved in murena cloud but I don’t know how to restore everything…)

I’m sorry you lost your data but the link I shared was clear about this. I hope you could be able to restore them from the cloud. I never did that so I can’t help you.

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