New e.os 13 installed, Notes does not found my nextcloud account

I everyone :slight_smile:

I installed on my old Xiaomi mimix2, the last /e/ image rom (
I set my nextcloud account. All is fine, and thanks /e/ team for that!
All is synchronized (contacts, calendars, files, tasks)

All ? not all! (itโ€™s the begining story of Asterix! :smiley: )

Notes app does not see it!

If I give it authentication credentials, a second account nextcloud is created. And all (calendars etc.) is duplicated.

So, what is the trick ?

Thank for all


Working fine here, same device and release.

Maybe this can help? Unable to access notes in /e/ notes app

Thanks for your replie!

Unfortunately, your link does not help me,

But, I have no the crash report at all on my device.
When I clic on icon application, the windows says : Welcomes on Notes and below Select your account.
When I select it, I have another windows: Murena, connect with your id or
I can set my user id and password, define a specific server (my nextcloud)

and operation is ok, but after that, I have 2 same accounts and all my calendar are duplicated.

My /e/ rom is fresh installed! I have done nothing on it.
Itโ€™s the 1.15 T

Could you try to create another Murena account, just for testing purpose?
You will be able to delete it after the test, using web interface :wink:

So, i recreated a murena account (with my nextcloud server) from notes application windows.
So like before, I have tasks and calendars duplicated. (files, notes and contacts are ok)

I have now account.

On account list (Settings > Account), I have 2 accounts.
Accounts (ionl SQ) (I donโ€™t know what is SQ)
So I have deleted one

And all is fine :slight_smile:

Thank you @smu44 !

In fact, my issue is because I have not created murena account but only a CalDAV/CardDAV one.
The windows on Notes (or elsewhere) is about murena. But I have no data or account on murena, it was ambigous for me.
Itโ€™s been years that I found (not only on /e/os) that this management about (cal|card|web)dav, about accounts, all are not very clear in my mind :slight_smile: :crazy_face:

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