New Fairphone camera does not work


has anyone installed the new cameras for Fairphone?

I did today and now if I open my camera it says:

Failed to open camera.
Camera may be in use by another application?

Has anyone the same problem or can somebody help me?

Thank you for your answers:)

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You eill need Androud 10 for it. And eOS Q is planned for mid/end of October.

Til than you can try the eOS Q GSI

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Okay thank you.

What is eOS Q GSI?

It is an /e/ Android 10 (Q) Generic System Image.
GSIs are unofficial OS images originally intended for development testing purposes on phones supporting project Treble.

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So kind of a beta-version, is that right?

In a way, yes. But they are not beta versions of something final to come later. They are created by developers or enthusiasts beside any official OS.
It’s worth to note that /e/ is currently still in beta state itself, officially.

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Oh okay, well thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I think I’ll just wait for the /e/OS update to come and hope it will come soon

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Are there any news about when we can expect the update?

A beta should be available next week.

Will I be able to install the beta over the updater in the settings of my phone?

No, you will have to install it manually. I don’t know if you will have to wipe data though.