New OS Download

Hi, I am trying to download the Jan 18th OS update. I thought it would be best before the Feb update. Anyway, The Phone is in what looks like a folder called mount/decrypt data. The system is asking for a password. My phone does not have a password.

If I click Read only it takes me to a page listing folders :install, wipe, backup, restore, mount, settings, advanced and reboot. I have clicked on most of these and do not understand what to do. Please advise asap.

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I am sorry but I am not sure what position you are in :blush: , When you mention February update it makes me think you are talking about this OS OTA Upgrade of S9 / S9+?

This image is of the Recovery mode TWRP. Is this similar to what you see?

In TWRP when you are asked for a password and you know that no password is involved, you should press cancel to move on.

If you want to get out of there (but I do not know if you have a half finished upgrade, so I cannot tell if this is a good idea) you could move to Reboot > then System … but please ask again, I might be way out in my assumptions.

I loaded the next update and it seems to work now but some stuff is not working properly. I was just getting used to the old stuff that did not work properly.