Week 06, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates

v 0.21

Status: :green_circle: Release in progress

  • The following versions of /e/OS in v0.21 have been released

    • R or Android 11
    • Q or Android 10
    • Pie or Android 9
      • Stable builds are also being released for devices we sell on the eSolutions Shop
  • Awaiting release

    • Oreo or Android 8

    • Nougat or Android 7

      • Delay is because there is an issue with Magic Earth App on the Oreo builds and Account Manager app on the Nougat builds. Issues detected during testing post initial builds. Team working on resolving these issues
      • :spiral_calendar: ETA for the Oreo, Nougat release is this coming week
  • Release notes available here

  • Users mentioned the S10 ‘beyond1lte’, Motorola G7 Plus ‘lake’ builds are missing. Checking on this with the team. Will update during the week.

    • If any other device v0.21 builds are missing in R, Q, Pie pl let us know in the comments section below

:information_source: Difference between the dev, test and stable builds read this guide

OS OTA Upgrade of S9 / S9+

Status: :green_circle: Release In Progress

  • The release of the build was staggered across the week.
  • Initial reports are positive. Users reported an issue with the Clock Alarm getting reset after the upgrade.
  • We plan to release the S9 / 9+ upgrade build for all users this coming week.

:crossed_fingers: Hope to build up on the learning from this exercise to develop upgrade builds for other devices. First preference would be devices we sell on the eSolutions Shop. No ETAs as of now for this activity.

Development Tasks

Status: :green_circle: In Progress

A summary of issues dev team is investigating or working on

  • Bliss launcher upgrading and existing issue resolution
  • eDrive refactoring
  • Updates to microG Application
  • Contact groups not syncing with eDrive
  • Update MagicEarth app
  • Update Mail App
  • Updates to the AppStore

This is a subset of what the team is working on. Some of the tasks are still under investigation and need to move to the development and testing phase.


Status: :green_circle: Under Development

For a list of issues and updates that will be coming as part of v0.22 please check this link

  • Some issues will be marked as confidential and not be visible to all users

This post will be updated through the week

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Congratulations to the Murena team for all this work.
Just let you know that v0.21 is missing for the Motorola G7 Plus ‘lake’.


YES, please :+1: Thanks for all the work.


Have updated Lake to the list

As a simple /e/ user I am more than happy that my eSolutions Shop Samsung S9 today finally went from oreo (8.1) to Q (Android 10). The whole upgrade and encryption process worked smoothly. Even after a couple of hours I have nothing to complain. Now I can enjoy for example the dark mode and “the do not disturb” mode.
An extraordinary thanks for the whole develop and support team. Well done!!


Hello everyone,
I just bought a S10 phone and I just discovered that the ROM is still in 0.18… Seems like I didn’t look close enough…
I don’t want to put some rush on anything, but is someone have an idea about the release of the ROM 0.21 for Samsung S10 ?

The s10 is the ‘beyond1lte’ mentioned in the initial post. I am waiting for an update from a team member on this.

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Thanks @Manoj, again, I don’t want to put some pressure on this… Keep doing amazing job :slight_smile:

hi @LaurentG @slim pl can you check if the s10 beyond1lte build is now available for v0.21


I just saw that !!!
Many thanks, I will try to install it on my brand new phone :wink:

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Perfect, the v0.21 for the S10 is now available :-)) i will install it as soon as possible. i have already three S9 with e-os, everything on the s9 is working fine! thanks for the amazing work!

I have a OnePlus Nord with 0.20 Q stable but there are not system updates

Checking on this…will update

Still not seeing the update on either of my Samsung S9 Plus. I check at various times of the day.

there is no oreo 0.21 version on releases
or perahaps we will have to wait for Q upgrade.

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It should be available now for all users.

Tried twice this morning, and nothing. Tried now, and downloading. Many thanks :crossed_fingers:

Update to S9 Plus went very smoothly. Thanks to all who worked on this.

Its a nice refresh, very Apple-esque, (app switcher, tone on device charge), will help Apple switchers to feel more at home.

I look forward to an e/os TV box. I have many Apple TV boxes, but look forward to continuing my exodus from Apple.

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Upgrade of my S9+ (star2lte [1]) OK. :clap:
All seems to work well. no pbm of any kind.
Juste a little thing: I have no more network name onto the status bar. Where is it?

Thanks to all contributors for this good work.

[1] : bought from esolutions.shop

Now there is also for OnePlus Nord.
I would like to report some errors that I have found since I started using this OS (I don’t know if this is the right place to do it sorry).

  1. On the Aurora Store there is always a Google Play Services update that fails to perform.
  2. The switch between cameras does not work well, often a green screen and error messages appear (with both native Camera app and Open Camera).
  3. And sometimes the clock widget disappears on the Home screen, if I click and hold to move it reappears.
    The rest seems to be working fine.
    Has anyone else had these problems?
    Thanks for the work you are doing.