NewPipe app trouble

NewPipe (YouTube frontend) from the f-droid store will not play videos at all. I was using the same App, same version on the same phone (starlte) just yesterday on lineageos. Anyone else experiencing this? Any pointers?


Same problem with NewPipe and SkyTube. All videos are “not available”.

I don’t know where the problem is and I don’t have any solution…

WebTube is working fine (in Italy).

Thanks for checking!

I also tried MusicPiped and it cannot play videos like the other apps mentioned above.

I confirm WebTube works, so does the preinstalled web browser.

However, there seems to be some /e/ specific problems with the YouTube api? Is the connection blocked as communication with google or something?

I’m using NewPipe since 1 year with e and never have had an issue playing videos :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Could it be a country specific issue ? I’m living in Austria where it works

Tje same in Spain…

Happening in Germany for me, so at least in three countries from what it looks like.

In Spain NewPipe works or not ??

Newpipe works in France (tested over wifi, not tested over mobile data).
I have not tested the other apps mentioned in the thread, I guess I will stick to Newpipe, since it seems to work

It’s been so since yesterday

Hello, I can confirm it’s working in France

NewPipe now works for me as well without changing anything. Could have been a temporary problem only, possibly not related to /e/?

could be the g-devil has stopped to api to youtube for some reason / hours.

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It also works for me now without changing anything…

Yeah I think so too, all my alt YT players were down and now all back up.

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for information:
YouTube appears to have cancelled what they changed, so current NewPipe and Skytube versions should be already working

The good thing is that 0.17.2 works too, and the new code is better than the old one, so it’s ok

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Definetively is NOT working on my phone, but Skytube dose!So i have uniistalled NewPipe and substituted with Skytube,.I don’t know if it is my phone’s trouble, because Wikipedia don’t works as well (or as bad), while all browsers and other stuff, like telegram works fine.

It must be your system because it seems your are now alone with the problem. But you have found a workaround whichbis ok for you.

…except for the wikipedia app…and i have my sistem updated, of course.How could I know if it is my system trouble?

Mhm, i think the only way to check is a complete new installation with wipe data/davlik and system and format data.
In you case i would format data, to ensure ni currupted files or file fragments are in data