Nextcloud Android app v3.28.2, syncing has stopped working

Has anyone else’s photo syncs stopped working over the past week? Since April 15 my photos have stopped syncing. I’m using Nextcloud 3.28.2 (the latest) on Android GrapheneOS. Everything was working before the above date and nothing I can think of has changed on my end. I tried going back down one version of Nextcloud too but to no avail.

Anyone else having trouble? The error messages are all pretty vague, e.g. “An error occurred during connection to the server”.

Something in murena or the Nextcloud app seems very unreliable as I seem to have issues every couple of months with syncing.

Edit I cannot find in Gitlab closed issue #7740 it was suggested that there was a fix needed for “use over metered network”. The “unmetered” aspect is mentioned in the contributions of @tcecyk in e/OS Drive/cloud sync not reliable.

My sync is ok, my Wi-Fi is known unmetered. I have toggled off System > Developer options > Mobile data always active.

As the sync not a fast job I can envisage this “active” setting allowing shifting of connection during the “check flags” then sync process.

but to keep this apart - that was an eDrive thread. This thread is about the nextcloud client.

There was an issue in 3.28.1 that needed to be “hotfixed” in 3.28.2 - there’s a thread on it in the forum.

But if @Chmod700 already runs on the fixed version… maybe some state got mangled clientside. Short of it: reset nextcloud clients data and resync if your connection is good to the remote.

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Thanks both, @tcecyk I tried clearing my cache and re signing in but still no go. Not to worry, I made the decision to just buy the pro version of Foldersync (to support them) and will use that. I really hope these issues get fixed, wherever they lie.

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