Nextcloud app - "Recognize" for Memories gallery + thoughts on additional nextcloud apps

Hi there,

I really enjoy the “Memories” gallery app and I would even more love to have its automatic tagging feature that requires the “recognize” or the “face recognition” nextcloud apps.

That said, about enabling nextcloud application XYZ:

There was indeed a poll in 2020 but the topic is now closed. Any plan for a new poll? Best would be a continuous one, updated when app XYZ has been implemented/refused, or a list topic.

I do support “Beta” apps, even “at your own risk” and with no engagement to ever be fully supported.

I do support Premium plans with more than just additional disk space.

But the magic of Nextcloud comes from its app store :slight_smile: it is a bit sad to be that restricted :smiling_face: (and I am crazy lazy to maintain my own self hosted solution)




I am eager waiting for the once annouced more (paid) email options e.g. additionally address / alias

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