No 1.1 stable release for Oneplus nord (avicii)

I’ve been waiting for 1.1 stable release for some time now. It seems that other devices have gotten stable releases, but oneplus nord hasn’t. Anyone know whether there are device specific problems or might this just be an oversight?

The battery life with 1.0 has been quite bad, so I’m quite anxious to get any updates.

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Hello, I made a support ticket, here is the answer:
We are experiencing a problem with the latest update for this device, so we are waiting to fix the problem before releasing it.

We don’t know yet if it will be for in a few days or a few weeks.

About the higher battery consumption since /e/OS 1.0, a bug ticket has been opened about it:

The development team is aware, we must now wait for them to identify the problem and fix it for a future update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

From the last Development and Testing Updates

Build recalled
Following some reports of devices getting bricked the OnePlus Nord avicii v1.1 stable build has been removed from the servers. Issues in Gitlab 5647 , 5638. Team will rectify the issues and release a build with v1.2

Thanks. I noticed the tickets, but I didn’t realize one of them would block 1.1 release.

I’m actually quite pleased that I haven’t bricked my device with 1.1. I’ll try to wait patiently for 1.2.

The team is working on resolving the issue with the avicii. Will update in the weekly posts, once we have a solution.