No longer an option to update to V 2.0 on Emerald

There used to be two update notifications in settings about available updates on my Teracube Emerald, one for V 1.21 & one for V2.0. I never updated and am still on 1.20. Now there is only one notification for 1.21. Also now, no update notification for V 2.1 has shown up at all yet. I’ve cleared Updater App cache & data a couple of times. Just wondering…

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This is my current version, 1.20-s-20240220382012-stable-emerald on Teracube

but I was just wondering why V2.0 update was available and then disappeared, and now V 2.1 update notification isn’t showing up.

i don’t know why,

but existing both stable and dev for this device, that’s why i asked which one you use …

  • you can download latest from this link :,
  • reboot to recovery
    start the device with power + volume up keys
    The menu will present three options, press volume up until recovery is selected. Press volume down to accept this choice.
  • then install it by “applying the update”


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Thanks for the reply and info. 1.20 is working really well for me and I’m hesitant to update, kind of a case of if it isn’t broke dont fix it… I was wondering if the V2.0 upgrade option was pulled for this device because of some problem.

I have a Teracube 2E emerald and just updated to 2.1 from 2.0 with no problems. I wondered perhaps if you updated to 1.21 then maybe the 2.x updates would become visible, but I understand your hesitation. On one of my recent updates I had multiple LTE icons in the status bar but it has since been corrected.

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no 2.0 is stil available
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try to clean the updater cache and storage in → settings → apps & notifications → see all apps → 3 dots → show system → updater → storage & cache

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Yes I did that already. Funny thing is I had update notifications for both 1.21 & V 2.0 sitting simultaneously on my phone for almost a month and then suddenly V 2.0 is gone but 1.21 is still there and clearing cache and data hasn’t changed that.

Vendor Name: Teracube
Device name: Teracube 2e (2021)
Device CodeName: emerald
Version of /e/OS which existed previously: e-1.18-s-20231207360611-stable-emerald
Device is Not rooted - but Bootloader is locked again

In the last few days I have had several V2.1 update failures with different devices. Here, too, I had a bad feeling from the start, which was ultimately confirmed.

OTA updater only shows me version e-1.19.1-s-20240109372023-stable-emerald, but no version V.20, no V1.21.1, no V2.0, no V2.1.

The manual download of V2.1 is slow, even though I have a very fast internet connection.

The following manual update attempt fails with the error messages:

E:footer is wrong
. . .
E:Signatur verification faild
E:error: 21

For safety’s sake, the only thing I can do now is a complete reinstallation :face_vomiting:

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Thanks for this info. 1.20 is the first time everything has worked right on this device, otg, sms, all my apps (that I care about)…

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Installation via /e/asy installer fails with the failure message:
Error downloading - Try again
(By the way: the download is slow despite my very fast internet connection)

The second download attempt was then successful, as was the subsequent installation of /e/OS e-2.1-s-20240603406609-stable-emerald, including locking the bootloader.

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I just wanted to add that I’m no expert so I don’t know if indeed the update notifications to the 2.x series will follow if you update to 1.21. I can say that all the OTA updates up to 2.1 I have performed on my Teracube 2e have gone smoothly.

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Well, looks like I may have to do update manually. But first I think I’ll wait a little while longer to see if OTA update for V 2.1 shows up. V2.0 was there for a while. My question has been answered in any case. Thanks for your info