No more AnySoftKeyboard availability after 0.5 upgrade

I just upgraded from 0.1 to 0.5 on mw Fairphone.
The AnySoftKeyboard app seems to be still installed but is no longer enabled. In the keyboard language settings I have no option to set it. Only Android keyboard appears. Also, in F-droid it doesn’t give me the option to download it (because I have it already, probably) and it says “no versions with compatible signature”.

I liked this keyboards and it’s many language dictionaries a lot.

I had the same problem, with a5y17 and fix it, with an app upgrade from aurora store. Not possible from F-froid too.
I’ve lost LibreOffice viewer icon too. I manage launch it from F-droid but i cannot uninstall it or update it…

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Has libreoffice already been integrated into /e/???

I have installed from f-droid LibreOffice viewer
More information here :
LibreOffice viewer - wiki page

Just a F.Y.I AnySoftKeyboard has been disabled for now as the development team is making some improvements to its source code. The default AOSP Keyboard will remain enabled for now on the builds. We do not have any ETA on when the updates to the AnySoftKeyboard will be completed.

Yes, ASK is not ready yet for integration with /e/. We will add it back (probably) into a V1.

I’ve just installed (from F-droid) ASK on my /e/ 0.6 on fairphone2 with the additionnal french package, and it seems to work fine.

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Same experience as @jaileleu. Everything fine on FP2.