No more OTA updates for the xiaomi Mi 10T Pro (apollon)?

Hello everyone,

I see that version 1.13 has been released, and I no longer have an update (since 1.11) for my xiaomi Mi 10T Pro phone.

I can’t find any info on why, and I could really use an upstream update from microg in particular.

Do you know why?

latest stable images available:
latest builds:

thank you in advance for your answers

There are several devices that missed v1.12, but they would normally receive v1.13.
The rollout will continue until 7 August.

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Still no update to date, what’s going on? I can’t find the information

There was an issue filed for Devices that missed v1.12.3 – #7112, apollon was not on the list.

The list was
ginkgo alioth jasmine_sprout gauguin YTX703L oneplus3 miatoll kltedv lisa channel kane

With the end of the holiday period it might be time to review which devices are now being updated, mentioned here Feedback for v1.13 - #143 by aibd and perhaps raise another issue at Gitlab.

You could ask here … Feedback for v1.14, but the 1.14 rollout still continues for a few days, supposedly.

Is it possible that there will be updates for the Redmi Note 9pro again? Would not like to buy a new phone just to /e / Android can continue to use…

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The Lineage Android Distribution (LOS), source code supplier, currently supports the ‘miatoll’ on the basis of LineageOS 20.0, so the chances are high that /eOS builds will also be available in the future. It just needs some time and patience.

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But LineageOS 20 is already Android 13, does that mean it will take months until “miatoll” is supported by /e/ Android again?

How is it with the bug to make calls, was it only with version 1.11 and before that you could make calls?

These questions can probably only be answered by a /e/ authorized and qualified support person like @Manoj