No Notification with Nextcloud Talk

Hi everyone,

I work with my own Nextcloud Server and Nextcloud Talk. Now I install the App to my eOS Gigaset GS 290 about the e Appstore and I get no Notifications, when I get Messages.

MicroG is working well with Threema and Signal, there I get push Signals. But no Notification Sound over Nextcloud Talk…

Has someone the same Issue?

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Just tested here :

  • notifications are working fine with Google Store app, downloaded with Aurora Store app (even if Talk app isn’t open)
  • no notification with the F-Droid version

I guess this is the same problem as for many apps (see FOSS telegram) : only apps from Google Store include the necessary code for notification (Google Play Services), it is not included in FOSS apps as it may “brake the law” :wink:

See disclaimer just below the download links on this page : GitHub - nextcloud/talk-android: 📱😀 Video & audio calls through Nextcloud on Android

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@smu44 man thx, now IT works via microG! :slight_smile: :+1:

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Push notifications do not work with the Nextcloud and Nextcloud Talk apps from the App Lounge / f-droid.

Let’s vote for this issue:

Workaround: use the “NextcloudServices” app (beware possible battery drain):

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