Nextcloud Talk app in App Lounge does not support push notifications

As discussed earlier (No Notification with Nextcloud Talk), the Nextcloud Talk App from the F-Droid store does not support push notifications, for this to work we need the Play Store version. Therefore, I installed the apk from there and received push notifications just fine.
However, App Lounge did an update of the Nextcloud Talk app in the background (the current version 17.0), and overwrote my installation with the F-Droid variant and I did not receive notifications anymore from Nextcloud Talk (or at least I believe that this was the reason for the missing push notifications). When I found out about it, I uninstalled it and manually installed the other version again. Now I get push notifications again.

I think the same will happen again as soon as there is another update available in App Lounge. Is it possible to prevent that somehow? :thinking:

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Open App Lounge > Settings, bottom left corner, > Updates > Uncheck automatically install updates.

Ok yes thanks, thats a quick fix that indeed solves this specific issue. Ideally though: Is there a possiblity to keep automatic updates, since that is a convenience that I would like to keep if possible.
Would it make sense to choose within AppLounge which “source store” to use when several options are available? Typically one would think that using the F-Droid version makes more sense, but maybe the usecase I have here is the only counterexample.

I don’t auto update. I guess I got used to being specific about what and when I install. You get a notification as soon as an update is available.

I’m not certain, I don’t think App Lounge can offer that functionality.