No notifications from some apps

For some reason I don’t get notifications from some apps, but from some others - even though I’ve allowed notifications on all that I want them from.
For instance I get notifications from Signal, but not from the Proton mail app or BeReal (a social media app). I have allowed all notifications on all these apps.

Fairphone 4. No battery manager on.
Cloud messaging in micro g for Signal - not Proton or BeReal.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Samsung S8 (SM-G950F) Android 9 Apr 6, 2022 build 0.23-20220406176461

I too am having issues with the notification light working and not working. I’ve been through the notification setting making sure I have the Do not Disturb turned off even turn off.
I will get it working again plug the phone to charge led light is on and wake in the morning and the led is off and have to mess with it again to get it to work again.

Other than this issue the /e/OS has been working great!
Seems like some default is turning on, getting frustrating. This goes for all notifications with the LED.

Teracube 2e (2020), Android 10, May 26 2022 build 1.0-q-20220526188859-stable-2e
Was having this same issue for a while…

Upon looking around, I spotted this post and it seems that you have to let your phone be registered with Google (via microG settings) in order to get notifications for some apps. I had turned that feature off initially because I wanted to be as far away from Google as possible, but after turning it back on I was able to get notifications instantly. I also turned battery manager off to see if that was the issue, but it seemed to have no effect.

Could this be the fix for y’all?


Thank you! The solution was literally that simple!
I just went into here

and turned “Google device registration” on

Some official guide for this would be great, including what it means for the de-googled state of my phone?

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Thanks to @gemverse for providing the solution to this problem :grinning:


Glad I could help out!

Some official guide for this would be great, including what it means for the de-googled state of my phone?

I’m wondering the same thing, if someone in the know would like to chime in.

I still think of this as a leap of faith – will microG solve all our personal privacy needs! Maybe re-reading this article microG - What you need to know, A conversation with its developer : Marvin Wißfeld helps to inform.

The article starts with a personal introduction to Marvin Wißfeld and his background and motivation. I think that the concept of switches for some features (as the OP) reflects user preferences for either “complete faith in microG” or the further distanced approach which some might prefer.

The article might seem bordering on historical now, with a section on Exposure Notifications; but this was and is an example of how individuals have quite different views on how to escape the “user data harvest” by Google.

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I got a new phone Samsung S7 and continue to have issues with the Do Not Disturb turning itself on not letting the led indicators flash or do anything. I go into the Do Not Disturb and the slider never turns off it always stays green! So every few days my notification works and doesn’t work.
Whats going on?
This is on a fresh install.


I wonder @Spectraham have you used the Search feature of Settings for “do not disturb”?

Is it possible that you have inadvertently set some conflicting parameters?

Not all phones have the LED – maybe you have to take steps to ensure that the LED functions are in harmony with other settings? – Just a thought!

Not sure. At first it was working good the next week the notifications stopped I’d hear the sound but no flashing led. Then out of the blue started working again. Wish there was one button to turn Do Not Disturb off completely.

Understood – as this screenshot shows, this is not the case on e-1.2 !

I learned some more and may have found something. I did notice in the Do not Disturb tab when I switch it off, it never turns off it stays green as on all the time. I have screenshots attached. When I close the tab it turns itself back on.
I also found out in some instances the leds won’t work or turn on telling me I have notifications. When this happens I restart the phone and the notification start to work again. Wonder whats going on with this phone.

I guess this thread can be closed. The phone fell off my bumper and got run over and worked long enough to get my data off of it. Thank you all!