No Picture/photo sync any more


since 1.20, my FP4 doesn’t sync the photos/pictures any more. Any hint where to search for settings? In the “accounts” page, I don’t seem to find anything about that.

Thank you!

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Delete account and login again will do the trick

Settings > Accounts > top entry, you@e.emai / you > Account sync … read and understand this …

Re Pictures and videos …decide ON or OFF.

Maybe the default got changed in Settings > Accounts > top entry, you@e.emai / you > Account sync …

That setting already says “on”. I will try to turn it off and on again. Hopefully it won’t try to sync 30+ GB of data…

One more time

go to: Settings > Accounts > delete murena account

Add murena account and login again

This will activate sync

This did not work. Other ideas?

Anyone? Syncing pictures to the cloud should be a basic feature, so I would really appreciate some help…

I have the same problem with my Pixel 6a on 1.20. Tried deleting account with no success.
I hope someone will be able to help!

Use the NextCloud sync client app from F-Droid. Much more configurable and less buggy than /e/'s sync solution

Thank you for the proposition but I already use /e/drive and not willing to change…

/e/ drive IS a nextcloud account…what @petefoth is referring to is that when you log in using your account in the nextcloud app, you can very specifically set which folders to sync, etc.
I had a couple of issues myself (switching everything over to a micro sd card) and that solved everything and more.

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I think that what is offered should work as advertised. I do pay for that, don’t I?

After deleting the Murena account and activating it again on my phone, it took days to sync again - and sinc March 29th it doesn’t work any more - again!

So, what would your preferred steps be to get this working?

@Manoj - any tipps?

There is this method which has worked for me in the past, it may be device and Android version dependent.

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