No update for poco x3?

Hi, I have current version 1.8.1-r-20230206251804-dev-vayu
on android 11 on my Pocophone
Is there a more recent update, or can someone give me a little guide on how to update the phone?
Thank you very much

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vayu can upgrade Android version to Android 12 (S), and there is this page to guide you

The available ROMs are here

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@aibd Thank you so much!

even though I would like to use a newer firmware, I prefer not to. If I understood correctly, I would first have to install Android 12 on my Poco (no idea how to do it) and only then would I be able to flash on S, and then probably only the default apps on the phone and all personal data will be gone. Of course, this means that I have to do a bAckup for which I don’t have a plan for how I do it. I flashed my PocoPhone myself, but since then I’ve been out of the topic. It’s a shame, but under these conditions, e-OS is unfortunately not suitable for everyday use for me.

Well it is always good to know how to update your device, so I can offer this. When I had a Xiaomi, I found this site reliable.

With any digital device it is sensible to have some sort of backup strategy, but it is a tiresome feature of AOSP that at the moment we do not yet have easy full backups.

There are methods described on the forum, I like to have a mixture of methods; a forum search for backup.


Thank you again for your helpfulness. I will familiarize myself with the topic.

I’m sorry, but I ran into a problem scon again.
"TWRP cannot decrypt the data partition of devices that have Android 12+ (/e/OS S+) installed, but did originally come with Android 11 and below. (E.g. Fairphone 3 originally came with Android 9.) Thus, you cannot backup and restore the data on such devices with TWRP any more.*** "

In my case, this means: I can create a backup, but after updating to S+, my Poco is no longer able to read it and cannot restore it.

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