No way to access to


Can you access to ?

When I try to connect to the website, it’s redirected to a kind of spam/scam website.
Do I have a virus or does the website have trouble ?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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It happens also here. There should be some problems on the site.

When I use a browser without JavaScript there is no redirection

The team is aware of the issue.

The workaround is to install the NoScript extension or disable JavaScript to prevent the redirection to occur.

Is the e infrastructure 0wn3d in background?

Pranked by Google Apis .com! LOL

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Hah, seems to be by design which is even worse.

This has been discussed in length on this forum and I believe the plan is to get rid of these services eventually. Which absolutely makes sense, but imo shouldn’t have priority over /e/ development work.

I’m pretty new here but these are the type of the services that don’t just happen to be there, you actually need to go out of your way and register with google and insert in your site and everything. It’s not like Android where you actually need to go and remove “Google things”, googleapis doesn’t pop up in your source code (BTW just above the title, which is ironically just against such things) by default, you need to put it there (and again have an account as well and everything).

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Not sure how they’ve built the website. Maybe they’ve contracted it out to an external web dev agency when they were busy developing the OS. And in this case, unless you make it absolutely clear that the site should be privacy-oriented to the very highest degree, the average web dev will implement all sorts of third-party scripts like those from Google by default (at least that’s my impression). I mean, who wants ugly fonts, right? :pensive: Nevertheless, I think criticizing this aspect is legit and I can’t imagine it won’t be addressed soon.

The site is on wordpress which calls the google api’s …this issues was raised earlier as well Issue has been pending for some time now

Are there any news yet on the website’s migration? If the new version is still in the making, I’d like to contribute as a “beta tester” and possibly detect any bugs/improvements upfront before it is going live (if that is wanted of course).

Thanks @exyna to offer with the testing. Let me check on the website migration progress and update.