Nokia 7 Plus - /e/OS for future

AndroidOne supported - 8, 9, 10

No other ROM currently running
Maintained for security updates only
Not maintained for OS updates
Current ROM is official
Nokia will only provide OS updates for 2 years

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Has a build been made? Or am I just going to have to wait? Or should I go complain to the LineageOS ppl?

There is no /e/ OS build that I know of.

A quick search of XDA Forums shows there is an unofficial LIneage OS 18 ROM for this device, but

  1. The ROM includes GApps, instead of shipping without GApps and having users install GApps (or microG) themselves, which is what most LOS ROMs do

  2. The maintainer provides a link to their kernel source tree, but I could not find the device tree and vendor blobs, nor the manifest that would tell me where those files can be found.

  3. There doesn’t seem to be a large community around this device - most of the available custom ROMs seem to be built by the the same developer

So there would be some work to do to make an /e/ ROM. ‘Just waiting’ probably won’t get you anywhere: there will only be an /e/ ROM for this device if someone starts trying to make it, and there’s no sign that anyone in this forum is ready to do that.

You could ask in the LOS ROM thread, but complaining isn’t likely to achieve anything (except annoy the ROM maintainer). People build and maintain custom ROMs voluntarily, for fun, and you cannot expect that they will do something to meet your needs.

If you want an /e/ ROM for this device, it looks to me like you would need to start making it yourself :slight_smile:


There seems to be Nokia 6.1 supported nowadays. Any information who maintains that build and could (s)he maintain also for Nokia 7 Plus?

Main reason why Nokia isn’t supported widely is cause no official way to open bootloader, or I think this is reason. Nowdays there are atleast free ways to do it. Might try some day on my Nokia 7 Plus.

There’s also unofficial Lineage OS 19.0 available for Nokia 7 Plus:

In order to flash that, you got to use that partition resizer tool from dev, resizes system and vendor partitions.

Hi @huuhaa, from your more recent post I see that Raghu varma has this repo

android_device_nokia_B2N_sprout-TWRP Public

Device tree Belongs to Nokia 7 plus Code - B2N_sprout

Perhaps you could confirm your device codename? The repo is mentioned already Nokia 7 Plus - /e/OS for future - #3 by petefoth and what @petefoth says still seems to apply. I am drawn to the foot of this page GitHub - Nokia-SDM660/ Nokia SDM660 Github Page as I try to follow Raghu varma’s workflow.

Actually I previously meant who makes official build of /e/ OS for Nokia 6.1. I did know that unofficial lineage os for Nokia 7 Plus comes from Raghu Varma. But back to topic.

My device is Nokia 7 Plus (TA-1046) so what comes to codename this is intresting device… I paste lines of ih8sn.conf file, I took information from device running stock in case if I ever need to use ih8sn. Not sure how this forum will change linebreaks etc though.

BUILD_DESCRIPTION=Onyx_00WW-user 10 QKQ1.190828.002 00WW_4_15N release-keys

When comparing these informations, Onyx used to be used commonly as codename and stands as part of productname too, but build fingerprint indeed has both Onyx_00WW and B2N_sprout. And you can boot device to official twrp for B2N_sprout but twrp can’t be installed.

If I flash that unofficial lineage os 19.0 (which doesn’t include gapps nor microg, so rrmoves @petefoth concern 1 at least), it flashes lineageos recovery on same slot it flashes that unofficial lineage os 19.0. Just s mention cause thst twrp can’t be flashed if not flash that to different slot boot, but I would just boot to it.

Hope this answered your question.


There also seems to be bit older community vendor at

[VENDOR][11.0][Onyx] Community Vendor [2020/11/14] | XDA Forums

I haven’t ever tried that one. It’s said to be work with stock too, just wonder what is different at vendor at unofficial lineage os 19.0 since it requires resizing partitions (system and vendor) like said earlier. If not resizing partitions flashing attempt of that rom ends at error 28 in twrp if I remember that errorcode right.


Just remembered that I did try that community vendor once, not sure was I running stock or that unofficial linage by then. Anyway device ended to not recognize slots and had to flash stock back.