Notes note gone due to NextCloud error

Hey all,

Suddenly one of my text notes fails to load and when I open it, I only see the following error: Error from Nextcloud server: OCP\Encryption\Exceptions\GenericEncryptionException. This is both on my device and on the cloud storage. I basically have two questions, First, does anyone know how to solve this and preferably retrieve my note, and second, regardless of solving the server error, does the app also store the notes locally, so I could access it that way? It does actually contain important data…

Some technical details:

  • It happened overnight as far as I can tell, not specifically linked to a system update.
  • I have a Fairphone 3 running e/OS/ 1.13-s-20230724313396-stable-FP3. I have not experienced other issues.
  • It was a fairly lengthy note, with some markdown formatting, but nothing too extreme I suspect
  • My cloud storage is full, but my other notes are unaffected.

Let me know if you need any other technical data. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Just as an update if anyone encounters this later on:

  • First, if you encounter this error, don’t try to open the file anymore on any device (phone or murena drive), at some point instead of getting an error, the error code was actually overwritten on my note, so I most likely irrevocably lost it, if it wasn’t already.
  • Adding storage space did not affect it.
  • I sifted through my phone, but could not find any physical copies of my notes. I did found a (partially encrypted maybe?) -wal file that contained parts of all my notes, among which some parts of the note I lost.

wal file is the write ahead log by sqlite. You could try these 4 lines if the full sqlite file has unmigrated notes lingering:

GenericEncryptionException and this Error code overwriting a Note is a new error class of the one’s I’m aware of

Maybe not all is lost.
Go online - files app - notes folder and in list view click the 3 dots … for details, there should be a version history listed under activity tab.
Click on recycle icon and see what comes up.

Oh so it is the version history setting, thanks! Sadly it’s all greyed out for, except for the document name, which brings me to the document in its current state.

Uh, I feel for you!

Was just thinking – there was a huge issue with NC and encryption going one, may be it is that.
Is this on, some NC provider or your own server?

Thanks for the suggestion! I tried, but it seems I get an empty archive, is there something I’m doing wrong?

Only now read this and it seems a /e and |not so much a nectcloud problem(still glad I host my NC with ZFS storage, btw). Did you use TWRP to get those files off the phone?

Until just now I was unaware of TWRP’s existence :stuck_out_tongue:
I just went into shell with adb and opened any file that seemed promising, I then just pulled those off the phone.

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