Notes offline sync note app or thunderbird extension on Linux pc?

hi there,

I was wondering if anyone is syncing /e/ OS / Murena cloud Notes to an offline Linux (Debian) notes app. Maybe there is an extension for Thunderbird?

Or maybe anyone has any ideas to make this possible?

thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:

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Notes are simple text files (.txt or .md), so you could use the Nextcloud desktop client to synchronize your Notes cloud folder, and edit them on your PC using your favorite text editor.

Notes Nextcloud app don’t support offline editing and synchronization as itself, so it has to be done on client side.

I personaly use this solution on a daily basis to sync notes between my phone, Linux box and Ruindows pro laptop without any issue (editing individual note files on desktops through a text / md editor, like Sublime Text, Kate, … what you like).

(except that the NextCloud client on the phone is a pain to use : need to explictly sync any folder each time needed, rather than doing it just as the desktop clients, I mean … automatically).

I left some links in Sync eCloud notes on Evolution - newer Evolution can do Notes with .md extension too - or the simple gnome-notes (bijiben). Evolution is a bit of an underdog for what it can do.

I use QOwnNOtes

I run it on Mac and LInux laptops. Combined with NextCloud Notes app (the upstream that /e/ have forked to make their own Notes app) on my phones, it means all my notes are available on all my devices at any time. I recommend it!


I too am using Nextcloud client for syncing notes between my phone, a pc running win11 and a pc running linux mint. Works great. For a long time I had been using this merely as a backup while editing notes in the webbrowser, using the murena web frontend. But I did have some failures (notes not getting saved, content lost). So now I have switched to editing the notes’ text files directly using a text editor. I am using Typora to edit the notes and love it very much (costs 15 Euros but is worth every cent). You can set typora so it displays the notes in a side pane, autosave (so you don’t need to worry about saving files) and reopen the last note upon restart. Perfect!