Notification badge on app icon

Hi everyone,
is there a way to show notification badge on an app icon, if that app has a notification for me? Like when i miss a phone call or get a new mail and respective apps would have either a number of messages or exclamation mark on it? I did read here the developers were working on it and if i understood correctly, it should be already working and available. Can you advise how to do that? System version is 0.9-2020051153544. Thank you. Libor

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Yes, for this you need two things :

  • Allow Bliss Launcher to access notifictions in Settings > Apps & notifications> Special app access > Notification access.
  • Enable notification dots in Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > Allow notification dots.

Hi @Anonyme, the menu item you are reffering to unfortunatelly does not exist. I have either “> settings > Apps” or “> settings > notifications”. Anyway, thanks for the hint, i found it here: "> settings > Apps > Bliss launcher > click on little house icon > scroll down to botton to “Special access” > “Notification access” > “Show notification hints” ". It was very well hidden treasure. Thanks for your hint :slight_smile:

Yes that’s because I’m on Pie and you aren’t. You’re welcome :slight_smile: