Notification for new SMS not possible anymore

Since a few weeks I don’t get any notification anymore when a new SMS arrives. When I check the notification settings I see it is switched off and greyed out, I can’t activate it. Has something changed in a recent version? Has someone experienced the same problem?

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This is really strange: My notification settings for the SMS app are activated and cannot be deactivated, i.e., they are greyed out, but “stuck on” the active state.

As a workaround, you may install an alternative SMS app (I would recommend Fossify SMS Messenger) and check whether notifications are properly displayed by it.

Still, it would be interesting whether other users experience the same problem as you.

Well, thank you for the suggestion, but if several users have a problem with notification settings being stuck, that is definitely something the /e/ team should look into. I’d rather wait fir their feedback and update rather than getting myself into changing apps without knowing why this issue occurred in the first place, especially since I did not swith the notification off (for as far as I can remember!)
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