Notifications problem oneplus 3 Pie

Hello guys,

I’m don’t know if it’s relevant to create a new thread about notifications problem, but given the fact each phone works with different firmwares, maybe it is.

I’m running /e/ pie for oneplus 3, the unofficial thilo version.
I’ve made a clean install with the last official firmware (the 9.0.5 OOS).
Everything is working fine, except the google cloud messaging.
Absolutely no apps register in the GCM provider and it’s status is disconnected.

The weird thing is that I have installed shelter, and the GCM clone works perfectly well.

So for now, I’m running my apps in shelter but it’s not the best solution.

Any idea ?

Thanks very much !

Is your phone correctly registered with GCM (or FCM) ?

You could always try to register it manually using the following number in the phone dialer *#*#2432546#*#* (

I had the issue on my S7 with /e/ preinstalled.
Manually registering the device solved my notifications issues.

I guess it’s correctly set uo. I’ve not modified anything in the microG settings so…

Than’s for your tip, I’ll try it.

Any idea why it works in shelter ?

Your trick worked ceddev ! Thank you very much ! :):smiley:

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