We all hate Big Tech, but life is what it is.

  • using DDG Browser (same as FF) - login to M$ Office 365 at - getting error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
  • traceroute from termux - “No address associated with hostname”
  • /etc/hosts is vanilla, nothing blocked.
  • /e/ v1.3
  • address is valid; …traceroute, telnet, etc work from my PC of cause.

So my understanding is that M$ is intentionally blocked… Please help.



I could reproduce your problem here.
And solved it by deactivating Tracker protection for DDG Browser in Advanced Privacy.


There is one tracker that you need to allow for O365 to work. I use Outlook via Mull and FF regularly. You can leave trackers blocked by your browser but let ‘Mobile Engagement’ through.


Thanks for quick response!
@ smu44, could you point specifically how to do that - I go to 3 dots at right upper corner → disable privacy protection. That only changed error to
I don’t really think that it’s a browser issue in my case because “traceroute”, “ping” and “telnet on port 80” can’t resolve address from terminal… that means issue is on OS level, not browser… the difference between your and my case may be related to cellphone batch configs, IMHO. I’m using Teracube 2nd batch.

@ hgbl , Your solution may help. Could you provide more details on how do I make ‘Mobile Engagement’ to work?

Also for the full story, I didn’t mention initially, but problem started when I tried to install and use M$ Teams app that failed… Then I logged into (that works just fine) and tried to get into O365, that redirects to link above and fails as described. also, surprisingly works just fine even with privacy protection in DDG. so only can’t be resolved by DNS… maybe I’m pointing to a goofy DNS?

Thanks both of you!

Go to Settings app, Advanced Privacy, Manage apps’ trackers, scroll down to DuckDuckGo.

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Works! same method helps with Teams. Thanks a lot!

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@Ant Turning off only one tracker for DDG is just slightly different than the instructions @smu44 gave you for disabling blockers for DDG altogether. Go to the same settings screen and select your browser. At the top is the button to “block trackers”: turn that off to let the browser respond to all trackers. Below that is a list of the trackers that have been detected trying to communicate with the browser.

If you leave trackers blocked (top button) but disable individual trackers, you can selectively test which trackers are really necessary to make a website work. For me, leaving trackers blocked for the browser but turning off blocking only for the tracker listed as “mobile Engagement” makes the O365 sites work.


Got it, that’s very convenient!

Thanks so much, saved me some trouble. These trackers were automatically enabled after an update I suppose.