OnePlus 11 5G (salami)

It would be nice to see /e/OS on the OnePlus 11 5G. It has seen a lot of custom development in the past few weeks and now has several custom ROMs available:

The phone has up to 16GB of ram and 256GB of storage. It also has a 5000mAh battery to power its 120hz OLED display. I’ve been using the lineage build without gapps for a week now and it’s been rock-solid, but I would love to try something that is build to one without google.


Hi there, and welcome to \e\ community.

When you ask for a build, please try to simplify builder’s work by sharing sources trees.

For OnePlus 11 the git to link seems to be this:

Hope that helps !

note: I personally prefer a “template” like this to post build requests → Oppo R9s/sk (CPH1607)

i would like to use e/OS on my Oneplus 11 as well :slight_smile:

You can try my unofficial build:

Thank you!
I installed it in my OnePlus 11, there was an message during the installation, but after a restart it look like it’s working.

The message:

Than another question: is it correct that i can’t update the version through the updater app?
So that there are nog security updates? (now it’s on 2 nov 2023)


Will do a current build soon. For my unofficial builds you wont have OTA - Updater app is not active

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Update for /e/OS-T 1.20 (RC):

Wow, thank you very much!
I have to figure out how to update(i’m new to an alternative OS) and if the update can be done without any data loss, but thank you very much so far!

Is there an option to donate/ give you a coffee for the work?

if you just want to update you can adb sideload when you are in recovery

Just updated. But losing the data on the phone.
After the update there was an error message in recovery mode that Android couldn’t start.
After wiping the data and reboot the phone started, with the new version but wiped.

Maybe i did something wrong, but not knowing what at the moment so i’m going to read some documentation.

Usually after an updated (aka dirty update) the data is not wiped. Only after a clean install you loose all your data. So something went wrong with your update unfortunately

Ronzz98, thank you for the reply and the time you put in it.

it’s not a problem because this is my test phone, so there was not much data on it. But before i will use this OnePlus11 as my daily i wait until the next update and do the same to see if my data will be wiped again. If not i wil going to use my 11 as my daily.

Still going strong on my OnePlus 8T with E !

pas de mise a jour…one plus 11 salami