OnePlus 6 (Enchilada) Major Version Upgrade

I currently have my OnePlus 6 (Enchilada) device running /e/ OS 1.8.1 based on Android 10 (Q). I originally installed /e/ OS in 2021. Since I have not been getting device updates, I need to update my major version. I know that I need firmware updates from the Android 11 (R) release to be able to upgrade to Android 12 (S).

Do I need to install the stock version of Android 11 for my device? Could I instead follow the guide found here to update my firmware? Additionally, I was wondering if there were any good guides about backing up my device’s data. Can I use TWRP to backup the apps I have installed and their settings?

First remember that Lineage pages are now updated for Android 13 (T).

That page is a somewhat expert solution. To know that it might work in your case you would need to know the date of the final software revision for your device.

Is this the firmware suggested?

Then ask yourself if that final software revision happened in a version behind the one you plan to install.

If yes, it should work.

The firmware was last updated in 2022 and the latest stock Android version of the device is Android 11 (R). I am planning on installing Android 12 (S). Is there a way to lookup what firmware the LineageOS or /e/ OS build is built on?

Interested in this as well, as I have /e/OS 1.13 installed on my OnePlus 6T. Last time i checked, the latest image / firmware was A11.

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I do not have any background experience of the device and I do not want to advise you on guesswork. Perhaps someone who knows the device can give a more precise answer.

Both /e/OS and LineageOS enchilada will be built on the latest firmware at whatever Android version that is.

The logic is that if says you can use the method on Android 13 (T), then logically you can use it on Android 12 (S).

  • I used the word final in my last post, because with a 2018 device, once you establish the final software revision for your own device all version upgrades beyond that point are easier ! :slight_smile:

I did the OS upgrade a few weeks ago and it worked! The LineageOS guide was helpful in figuring out what exact commands to run to flash the firmware. Make sure you know how to boot into both recovery and the bootloader using your volume and power buttons. I thought I had bricked my device after updating the firmware but I just needed to enter the bootloader and flash the new recovery. Since the firmware I used seems to be the final version, then future updates will be a lot easier!

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For the posterity, I made the same journey and documented the process here:
[How-to] OnePlus 6 - Direct upgrade (dirty flash) of /e/ OS from Android 10 “Q” to Android 13 “T”


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