OnePlus 6 - enchilada

It is running on LineageOS, currently maintained & is official.

I want OnePlus 6 to be supported by /e/ as I’m looking to buy a new phone & am considering to buy something supported by /e/ that works in Canada in terms of network LTE, if anyone has suggestions for other devices supported by /e/ & works in Canada (LTE) then please do so.

Personally, I also have to get a new device for LineageOS/eOS, but simply can’t find any acceptable option on the current market. But if there was a need to buy right now, I would look first at the S9/S9+. At least they have a good SAR ratings, unlike OnePlus 6.

Before going for s9, double check the status on lineage. Is it really supported, is the last build more/less than 2 weeks old, does it have the latest version…

Who cares about LineageOS community’s support, while S9 is already in use by as the official device for sale? From now on, we can assume it won’t be abandoned with ease.

I don’t think the models which are supported by /e/ work well in Canada.

To e.follower
It seems a reasonable assumption. As far as I know, the fact is that s9 doesn’t have pie yet, neither from lineage, nor from /e/. My guess is that this device proved too difficult to properly support in pie for lineage. Best of luck to the /e/ maintainers.

Oh, and by the way, is Xiaomi Pocophone F1 suitable for the Canadian networks?

No, I checked its not.

eOS Pie is on OnePlus 6 now!

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