OnePlus 6T installation loops to fastboot

I installed a OnePlus6T exactly to the manual and it boots always in fastboot mode. Any ideas?
THX, NonKon

(Installed latest LineageOS now, runs fine)

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I am also experiencing this issue. It seems I chose a bad time to upgrade from 9.

Can I suggest that some of the “starter questions” are mentioned on these two recent threads.

Two more starter questions

I tried this:
And that:
…with the matching recovery.

The phone was pre-installed (since two years) with the latest LineageOs fajita, maybe this was the problem. I thought e-os is always based on the latest LOS Version. This explains why TTS is working on my e-os Lenovo tablet :wink:

Yes, i did.

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Are you able to interrupt the bootloop at the instant the phone is off and try to reach Recovery mode with – hold Volume Down + Power – might be hard to get the timing right worth trying a few times.

If you can reach recovery you could

  • try to get Factory reset …
  • you might be able to check the charge level …
  • you might be able to power off and recharge …

… just some ideas.