OnePlus 7 Pro: using camera shuts down phone!

Hello, did anyone else encounter this as well? Whenever I use the camera in my OnePlus 7 Pro (running on /e/ 0.23-r-20220404175826-dev-guacamole), my phone shuts down a few seconds later. It doesn’t matter whether I use the default camera app, or a self-installed ‘OpenCamera’.

What can I do?

EDIT: I even re-flashed the device, and right after the first start I tested the camera, same effect: a few seconds after taking a photo, the phone shuts down. :frowning:

Did you have stock android 11 on device before installing eOS? If yes, then don’t know what to suggest, but is the test camera shot saved to device?

I don’t think so, I received the OP7pro, and pretty much immediately rooted / installed /e/.

Yes, the photos are saved. But usually, it’s not possible to take more than 1-2 photos before the phone shuts down. :frowning:

Do you suggest to reformat and flash stock Android 11 before giving it another try with /e/?

Yes, that’s what I’d do. Also make sure both slots are upgraded, either by the flashing method you use for stock, or by the copy-partitions step in the e install instructions.

sorry for the potentially silly Q, but that would be the OnePlus 7 Pro guacamole stock firmware w/ Oxygen?

Yes Oxygen OS 11.
More thatn one way to do it but it sounds like you are ok.
I’ve only ever done this on a OP6 btw.

okay, I’ll try that.

I’m just curious and don’t understand, why could that possibly help? After all, the Oxygen ROM would be overwritten by /e/-ROM once I would install it again, so what’s the point?

Maybe it won’t help, I don’t know. But Lineage and e both specify stock android 11 before installing their versions of 11.

There are many partitions of the underlying stock OS that are not flashed over when installing custom ROM.

Only do what you are happy to do.

oh wow, I wasn’t aware of that! I thought a ‘flash’ just dumps the file image onto the storage media! :slightly_smiling_face:

Should I start the newly stock-flashed phone before re-flashing with the /e/ ROM, or can I simply flash one after another?

Short answer is I don’t know.

Personally, In these situations I boot it up, reset USB debugging and make sure adb OK with PC.