OnePlus 7T - hotdog - Device Request

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UP Vote on OnePlus 7T. Seems impossible to get a de-googled ROM right now.

Up vote for Oneplus 7t pro too!

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UP Vote
:cold_face: I’m dying out here without my phone degoogled!

The only difference between OP7 pro and OP7T pro is SOC (855 vs 855+)
I think it will be easy to have OP7T pro rom when OP7 pro rom is stable (I would like it too).

A new up-to-date unofficial Q-build for OnePlus 7T (hotdog). eOS-Q

Device info :

Make a backup first and share your experience.

Thank you for your hard work !
I will receive my OnePlus 7T pro tomorrow or maybe Friday (I’m currently on Redmi Note 5 … with /e/ … of course :slight_smile: ).
When I receive my hotdog I will try your build.

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I tried to install your ROM on my new hotdog (Oneplus 7T Pro). It seems to work without major bugs.
I just had a problem after my install (and after full wipe) : /e/ said my installation is corrupted. I clicked on a button to resety device and installation was completed successfully.
With my usage I currently don’t have many problems except some force close on system settings.

So : very good job, it works and I keep it :slight_smile:

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Hi @itsclarence thanks alots for your work.
Do you think you can create a new ROM for hotdogb (OnePlus 7T) please ?
I tried this ROM but it says it’s intended for OnePlus7TPro and not Oneplus7T (logic)
Thanks a lot

Sorry, no. There are no LineageOS sources for this device. :joy:

One Plus 7t Pro McLaren edition, please!