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  1. Téléchargez les fichiers suivants à partir du répertoire nommé avec la dernière date ici.
  • dtbo.img
    *** vendor_boot.img**
  1. Ensuite, nous redémarrons manuellement en mode de démarrage ou de téléchargement
  • Avec l’appareil éteint
  • tenir Volume Up + Volume Down + Power.
  1. Flashez les fichiers d’image téléchargés sur votre appareil en tapant ( remplacer <...> avec les noms de fichiers réels ):
fastboot flash dtbo <dtbo>.img
fastboot flash **vendor_boot <vendor_boot>.img**

There is an error, it’s not vendor_boot command and not vendor_boot.img file. It’s vbmeta commande and vbmeta.img file. You need to replace it.

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Thanks for pointing out the error. The correction has been made on the site.


A couple suggestions about this installation (might be useful for other phones).

  1. It might be interesting to group the flashing of dtbo & vbmeta with the flashing of the recovery

(No need to to adb reboot loader again between these steps)

Or to explain in the “installing a custom recovery” that there is no need to reboot after the previous flashings.

  1. To restart in recovery mode, I find it easier to use a command line instead of the buttons :
fastboot boot recovery.img

I found some interesting information here : (around 30:00)

  1. I had an unexpected behavior at 47%, /e/ asked me if I want to reboot in recovery to install additional packages.

I looked on forums and found both answers (yes/no). I finally clicked on no and everything went fine.

It would be most useful for users to explain this step.

  1. Can you also be more precise about the match between Android initial version 11, 12, 13 and /e/ version (R, S, T) ?

I bricked my phone twice trying first easyinstaller which stops because of a checksum bug and then trying to install manually. Luckily Oneplus has a wonder unbricking MSM software !

I really struggled here…
I hope you can include these suggestions to help future users.

  1. Another great thing would be to post small videos / pictures : how to :
  • unlock OEM
  • flash a file
  • start in recovery
  • etc

Thanks !

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