Oneplus 8 - upgrade to S

So, I tried upgrading to S without updating the firmware and, of course, it didn’t work. Since LineageOS started to include the firmware in their updates from version 20, I’m wondering if that is something we can expect to land here as well? Or could I somehow just sideload the latest LineageOS and then e/os without having to do a complete reset?

Hey there. I’m trying to do the same with 8Pro. Did you find out if it is possible to sideload LineageOS 20 and then flash the latest eOS S update? I would prefer not to wipe my device data.

As /e/OS is a fork of LineageOS, this might be quite likely; I have not read enough about Android T to comment.

But right now Lineage 20 is probably too much of an advance in order to install Android 12 ( =S).

Android OS 10 11 12 13
/e/OS build q r s t
LineageOS 17 18 19 20

Thank you for the information. However, I read from lineageOS’s documentation that one could simply “dirty flash” the upgraded S rom on top of the old R. ( However, eOS documentation says otherwise ( . Which one should I trust?

Hi @jussihi interesting … when in doubt about /e/ documentation I often find it helpful to check the LineageOS documentation on which /e/ docs are based.

What strikes me straight off … quoting from LineageOS doc for Android T

Download the LineageOS install package that you’d like to install

… where the install package looks like this

This appears at first sight to point to

Lineage docs are for Lineage 20,

but when following /e/ documentation for S … Downloads for the instantnoodlep … points to only 2 files, system and recovery

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@aibd ah of course. I’m looking at too fresh documentation when checking LineageOS instructions! Well, I guess I will wait until eOS has stable version of S released and do a clean update then. Thanks for clarifying this :slight_smile:

So I got the information from XDA:
Where it states you can just sideload without problems.

What I’d like to try is just install LineageOS with MicroG as that seems more up to date, but considering I don’t know anything about the inner workings of roms I’d be basically guessing. The problem is that my phone is crippled on latest e/os R due to the camera not working, so I really want to upgrade.

ok so I see Feedback for v1.9 - #381 by ninua
… did you ever report an issue on this ?

… but your link includes …

If you are coming from LineageOS 19.1 AND using LineageOS 19.1

You may not be abble to install /e/OS on top of LOS nighty build because of the anti rolling back based onto the date of security bulletin release

dear all I also have the problem that I need the firmware for upgrading my oneplus to e OS S. Can someone tell me how to get the firmware?