OnePlus 8T e/OS - USB filetransfer options don't pop-up when connecting to pc

Hi all!
I successfully installed E/OS on my OnePlus 8T. Works fine, the only thing is when I connect the USB to my Windows pc only the charging starts and my pc doesn’t see the device at all. There is no menu for the usb settings on the phone until I go into developer settings and force the filetransfer manually. Is it a bug? I don’t want to keep the filtransfer as a default setting in developer mode.

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With my oneplus8 I just need to do a little wiggle wiggle ja push harder the usb to the phone and then notification popups. There might be some dust on phones usb port or something like that…

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The problem is that the notification on the phone doesn’t appear when I plug in the USB. I have to force it in the developer settings. Fresh e/OS install, tryed on several Windows systems and the phone just charging when I plug in.

Basic question: are you sure of your cable? There are some cables that are not compatible for data transfer.

When you use the Search facility of Settings, you should find USB Preferences and Default USB Configurations (in Developer options)

I do not receive a popup on the device when I connect a Linux system. But also I cannot change USB preferences until the USB cable is attached.