Oneplus 9 Pro touchscreen doesn't work after install /e os

Hello! I installed /e-os 1.12.3 on oneplus 9 pro LE2120(from latest android 12.C66) after succesfully boot /e-os opened but touchscreen doesn’t work I can volume up and down but touch screen is not working weirdly. Has anyone encountered with something like this?

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OnePlus - 9 Pro - lemonadep - Documentation Suggestions

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Thank you very much this problem solved by doing this: OnePlus - 9 Pro - lemonadep - Documentation Suggestions - #16 by GaelDuval

I think this should be mandatory in case of problem and I didn’t try but when on OOS 13 with after flashing as Gael wrote here would make succesfull flash for /e os without reverting to OOS12, I will test it.

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