OnePlus Nord Dual SIM

Hello. I’ve just set up my shiny new OnePlus Nord which has been great until I’ve come to manage the SIM cards.

Unfortunately there is no radio toggle to switch off either of the SIMs and am instead given a little piece of text telling me to remove a SIM card to disable it, which is far from ideal.

As I have a SIM for both business and personal use, it’s important to be able to literally switch off from work in the evenings and weekends.

Can we see this (pretty standard) function added anytime soon?

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Hi @MarkDJ welcome to the /e/ forum. It looks like you already did the Search and found for instance, Missing Dual SIM settings for FP3+ /e/OS - #10 by Shenol, to take this further I would recommend you Report an issue.

Hi and thanks!

I did actually try to do that but the Gitlab registration wouldn’t accept any email address.

hmmm, it happens frequently, please follow this I can't create a GitLab account - #2 by Manoj

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I have created this Gitlab issue, feeel free to comment. If you can’t create an account send an email to helpdesk and we will assist.

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