Oneplus One Bacon to Pie

Oneplus One [Bacon], is among the first devices to receive an update to LineageOs - Pie [Link]. I would like to see this device updated to a /e/-Pie version.

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What are you talking about? @e.follower

Some kind off-topic, I guess. My mistake.

I fully agree with the proposal

I also fully agree with the proposal.

In fact, the current nighlty of /e/ on bacon has long had a bug that is a show stopper for daily use. A month ago I did an unofficial build of pie for my OnePlus One and it has been working flawlessly as my daily driver for a month. Based on that, I should think the source is ready to migrate the nightly to pie.

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Are you maintaining it? Fancy sharing it with me plz? :slight_smile:

I do not have the skills or infrastructure to maintain a rom, but you are welcome to the one I built. I’m not sure of the best way to share a 600MB file.

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You can use your e.g. → here or → Firefox send.

By the way: ASOP 10 custom ROM works already well on the “Bacon”.

I tried AOSP 10 and it does work well. In fact, it fixed a problem I’ve been having with using bluetooth devices for phone calls. Thanks for the tips.
Of course, I’d rather use /e/. Hopefully they will get around to an official build of /e/ on Q.