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e-1.5.1-s-20221103231515-dev-lemonade (Android 12) has just been released and the docs updated but the installation instructions need editing.

Installation Instructions

In section Downloads for the lemonade
Change the warning that the device should be on Android 11 to Android 12.

Temporarily Booting a custom recovery using fastboot

Additional steps are required to flash a recovery that works properly on android 12. The Lineage instructions can be followed for Flashing additional partitions before flashing a recovery.

Ensuring all firmware partitions are consistent

If the copy partitions procedure is going to be included would you consider adding the following step:

  1. Now reboot to recovery by tapping “Advanced”, then “Reboot to recovery”.

I believe this helps to “set” the copy partitions procedure and avoid situations where the recovery asks users to sideload the OS for a second time after it fails first time. I may be wrong and it’s just a coincidence that it works for me on this device!

The upgrade instructions suggest that it’s possible to sideload the S build over an existing eOS-r build. I believe the device should be returned to stock Oxygen OS and updated to Android 12 before following the installation instructions for /e/.

These comments probably apply to lemonadep also.

Thanks for pointing this out @chrisrg. Will have it updated.

Installation instructions have not been updated yet. Android 12 stock OOS required before flashing eOS-S

lemonade & lemonadep

This should be updated to show Android 12 now.

The installation instructions are still wrong. Following them will result in a corrupted device.

Composing an accurate guide is complicated by:

  1. android 11 and android 12 roms available on the download page
  2. different techniques required to flash recovery on android 11 compared to android 12

As I said above, different steps required to flash a recovery on android 12. LineageOS guide can be followed for this. (Links also above.)

No idea how you are going to present the guides now. I guess it should either be a separate set of instructions for 11 and 12 or a combined guide where two different methods of installing a recovery are described.

In my trials for flashing a recovery the Lineage way (flash dtbo, vendor_boot, then boot with the recovery.img) I used the Lineage recovery.

The separate upgrade instructions would seem to be irrelevant since if one needs install stock 12 then you need to do a clean install of eOS 12.


Hi @Manoj and also hi to @chrisrg

I stumbled also on this as I checked again the installation page for the OP 9 Pro. As @chrisrg already pointed out about a proper update / upgrade procedure, there should be additional information added - not only to this certain page but also for every other phone which receives these days LineageOS Android S (12) .
The documentation in its current form only shows the reader a Note section, saying to be cautiousness when upgrading the phone’s software and recovery along with the immanent baseband and other firmware software version he wants to upgrade to has to be on the latest available stock Android version.
This implies that the reader has to backup all relevant files, for instance password database if he uses a password safe, setup’s for 2FA token software, pictures, audio and other files and also software he installed from outside a store.

When can this be expected?

Edit: I have now searched a number of pages (, XDA and various other) for a download link to the latest OxygenOS 12 C.xx. Unfortunately this wasn’t successful. The reason for this edit is that if one needs to upgrade to Android 12 beforehand, this person need to have a rom which can be installed using MsMDownloadTool. This tool is offered along with a OxygenOS 11 ROM when searching for unbrick your Oneplus phone. As this ROM is only available as an OxygenOS 11 version upgrading onto this OxygenOS version and using system’s software update functionality will install the latest OxygenOS version which is currently Android 13.

Any help on finding a source offering the various OxygenOS ROM versions would be greatly appriciated and to be added to the documentation as well would helpful.

Luckily I found this page on XDA:

Best Alex

In my experience a freshly msm restored oneplus 9 will immediately receive an update notification for the last oos 11 : This may depend on region though. Mine was LE2113, euro.

I have a problem installing e/OS on a stock A12 OP9 (5G). I’ve described it here: e/OS install/sideload fails in recovery "because it's a downgrade" OnePlus 9

If anyone could please step into this and help… I find no way to get along. Thank you!

Message for the developers: there is an important part missing in the installation docs for OnePlus 9 (5G). Without this step you can’t move along. Please take this part (found at into the description:

Flashing additional partitions


WARNING: This platform requires additional partitions to be flashed for recovery to work properly, the process to do so is described below.

  1. Download the following files from the directory named with the latest date here.
  • dtbo.img
  • vendor_boot.img
  1. Power off the device, and boot it into bootloader mode:
  • With the device powered off, hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power.
  1. Flash the downloaded image files to your device by typing (replace <...> with the actual filenames!):
fastboot flash dtbo <dtbo>.img
fastboot flash vendor_boot <vendor_boot>.img

Thanks for pointing this out. The section to flash these partitions should be available now. Pl check

It’s there! Thank you!


I struggled to install /e/OS on my OnePlus 9 5G - it just wouldn’t work with the instructions and files given. Huge thank go out to user chrisrg who had the fitting solution:

The vendor_boot, DTBO and Recovery that the installation-docs refer to, are too new! Also on LineageOS-website the listed files are too new! This means, without the correct files, no one will be able to install /e/OS on an OnePlus 9 5G - the matching files (vendor_boot, DTBO and matching recovery) MUST be added. Chrisrg gave me the files; I suppose he will be happy to share those with the team (otherwise I can). But they HAVE to be added in the install docs as a download!!!

Please let me know how to proceed and offer my help :slight_smile:

@chrisrg can upload it to a location and share the link with me. I can have them added to the documentation.

Hi there,
I also struggled to install /e/OS. Where can I get those additional partitions that fit to the OS-image?

Thanks for all your work! I enjoy /e/OS a lot!

Have a nice day

The correct firmware for lemonade should be available now in the install guide


I suggest that e developers provide copies of dtbo.img, vendor_boot.img & e-recovery matching the eos downloads. Just like LOS do.
Or at least re-visit this issue to align Oneplus 9 install guide with oneplus 9 pro guide.

I would suggest adding in a paragraph to carry out the copy-partitions step directly after “Temporarily booting a custom recovery using fastboot”:

Ensuring all firmware partitions are consistent

Tip: The steps below only need to be run once per device.

In some cases, the inactive slot can be unpopulated or contain much older firmware than the active slot, leading to various issues including a potential hard-brick. We can ensure none of that will happen by copying the contents of the active slot to the inactive slot.

To do this, sideload the package by doing the following:

  1. Download the file from here. It should have a MD5 sum of 79f2f860830f023b7030c29bfbea7737 or a SHA-256 sum of 92f03b54dc029e9ca2d68858c14b649974838d73fdb006f9a07a503f2eddd2cd.
  2. Sideload the package: * On the device, select Apply Update, then Apply from ADB to begin sideload. * On the host machine, sideload the package using: adb sideload
  3. Now reboot to recovery by tapping Advanced, then Reboot to recovery.

Also this:

Why not remove this page from op9/9pro device info pages?

I am trying to install /e/ on a new oneplus 9. It has the latest Oxygen 13 installed. Installation procedure went well, phone starts /e/ but the touchscreen does not work (an probably other hardware to, battery shows a “?”). Do I have to have Oxygen 12 in order to get a working install of /e/ android S? Do I have to downgrade?

I’d say you have ti downgrade to OOS11 or OOS12 first and then flash /e/.

Anyway, nice to see another OP9 in the community. If you want to exchange experiences: welcome! I am rooted with Magisk, LSPosed installed and it offers many, many ways to tweak the phone. Loving it!

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In the meantime I flashed stock rom oxygen 11, let all updates run to oxygen 12 LE2113_11_C.66 which is the latest I think. Again flashing /e/ went throug with no errors but again the touchscreen does not work.
When I use recovery to sideload the os the touchscreen still works. From /e/ os first boot the touchscreen doesn’t work any more, even in recovery.

I flashed a oneplus 9 last year which went well then. I think I used those images:
[] [recovery-e-1.6-s-20221201239247-dev-lemonade.img]

This time I used the latest files. Do you think that might be the cause for the problem? Or is it again something with those other images dtbo and vendor_boot? Any Ideas?

Otherwise I love /e/ on op9, it runs really smoth on the other device I got.

Have a nice day!