Onlyoffice disabled?


with the latest update/ugrapde of server, I can’t open files with Onlyoffice anymore (with pc on web, on, files are downloaded.

Is Onlyoffice disabled ?
Or will come back soon, once everything will work good again ?


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Same thing on my side, xml files can’t be viewed.

Thanks for raising this issue . Will notify the dev team and get back with the update.

Checked on this with the team - a few features are disabled for now as they are ensuring all is ok with ecloud. Will be enabled ASAP once they are done testing.

The latest update from the dev team is that onlyoffice will be enabled by Tuesday 14 July


Hi @georgie_abitbol OnlyOffice should be working through eCloud now. Pl check and let us know in case there are still issues.


I can confirm, it’s now enabled !
Thanks !

I’m not sure whether it’s the right call to follow-up on this thread rather than opening a new one, but I am having I believe the same issue : for a little while I haven’t been able to open either spreadsheets, presentation or documents from within eCloud. I believe OnlyOffice and/or Collabora used to be enabled and I know I created at least one or two spreadsheets directly from eCloud, which I cannot access anymore. The only option is to download them now. Do you know if that’s intentional ? Is it supposed to be a temporary situation and be resolved at some point ?

Thanks for your help !

We had a network outage yesterday which brought down a few of the services to stop. Pl can you try again

Hello, thanks for your fast answer !
In truth, this problem has appeared a few weeks ago I believe and I don’t think it’s connected to the network outage. It’s just that the outage gave me the opportunity to post on the forum :slight_smile:
Any idea where this issue could be coming from ? Can you confirm that I should be able to edit my spreadsheets, presentations and text documents directly from within eCloud ?

Thanks again !

When we click on the “+” button to add files et create them, before there was the possibility to create doc files, not anymore.

So yes there is something wrong with LibreOffice.

I asked to the ecloud team, LibreOffice has been disabled because it was causing too much trouble and instability.
They are looking for a replacement, but other priorities may delay this.

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Hope they can make it work again soon, it was very useful for me to be able to edit spreadsheets online without having to download, edit and upload again.

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OnlyOffice has been added again and should be now active to all users :slight_smile: