OP 7T Error when installing eOS at 47% adb:failed to read command. Please Help!

I’m installing eOS on my OnePlus 7T for the first time. Everything was going well until I sideloaded the eOS file. Instructions said that it may pause at 47% which it did but then a minute later I get “adb: failed to read command: No error”. What is this and what should I do now? Please help!!

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Yes it is a surprising but successful message !

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The finish at 47% is quite usual, not just a pause, 47% positively indicates “job done”. The “No error” to my instinct is that the device is ok. When I search that error I see no satisfactory general answers. It looks like it can frequently be a compatibility issue with Windows, perhaps involving drivers, perhaps a “timing issue”, even cables or ports. Also seen in Linux, and attributed to “use a different platform-tools version” for this setup. Some even report that the sideload had actually worked despite the error!

Did you check what happens if you assume the flash was successful?

… and, Edit, did anything change on the device screen? To reexplain my very first comment, the 47% is the successful end of that bit, has the PC failed to deliver the next bit?

Or much fuller details please!

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Are you sure it was successful? The instructions say:

  1. The PC console will now display Total xfer: 1.00x
  2. The phone screen will now display some text with a message similar to

Script succeeded result was [1.000000]
This means that the install was successful

I went back to the main screen and selected “Reboot System now” and it booted to the eOS setup screen. So I think I’m good now! Thank you for everyone’s quick replies!

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