Open push — Selfhosted push messages system

OpenPush - A Free, Decentralized Push Messaging Framework for Android

Push messages are an essential part of connected mobile devices. They are also one of the critical missing pieces in the open source Android ecosystem. Until now, free Android apps would either need to implement their own push notification system, do without any push messaging or use the proprietary Google Cloud Messaging service.

OpenPush is a self-hosted, free alternative push messaging implementation which can either run alongside or as a replacement to FCM.

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“Tags” and “Hashtags” in discourse - a good idea @harvey186.

I hope it will be implemented soon in telegram!

Why ??? I get push messages from telegram without goolag services or microG.

so how do they do that?

Telegram keeps a process in the background. Same thing for Signal and Tutanota.
But Signal has a persistent notification and not Telegram or Tutanota (on Oreo).

(Maybe your post was about the main topic and not about the Telegram notifications, I don’t know)

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I don’t need push messages. By the way, it was microG that made it impossible tu use a banking app on my phone, after killing microG; disable + force stop, i could install it from Aurora and activate and use it too. So, delete microG but don’t put anything to replace it, it is useless.

Unfortunately Push Messages are important especially if you are using the phone as your main driver and for your office use. Getting a notification when critical office related emails or messages come in is important. You can always check at regular intervals but if busy with some work there is a good chance you would forget to check. Has happened to me a lot when I try to disable push notifications.