Open source clients for WhatsApp, Instagram and Spotify?

Hello !
I tried to install a maximum of open source apps on my /e/ phone but there are 3 apps that I couldn’t replace :

  • WhatsApp (all my contacts have that)
  • Instagram (I administrate an account for an association and use it personnaly)
  • Spotify (I have a premium account with my family)

Is there an open source client or something else to access these services ?
(like skytube or new pipe for youtube)



For whatsapp there is a nice tool ‘open in whatsapp’ available in f-droid

For instagram and spotify you can only use the web browser

For twitter use twidere and facebook use face slim both on f-droid

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But if I understand well, that’s only a “plugin” for Whatsapp. You need to have Whatsapp installed to use it, right ?

I’m not a huge fan of using the web browser, but I will test.

Thanks for the link, I didn’t know this website. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything that replaces the official client of those 3 services.

I will still search but it seems that such clients just don’t exist :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yes, but you can restrict whatsapp to get access to your adress book. So no cantact da will transmit to whatsapp/facebook.
On the other hand you can use my ‘howto using whatsapp under shelter’

You know ‘statify’ ? It’s not FOSS but does have no trackers. Could be that it is usable for you.
It’s on aurora available

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Blade is a good Foss client for Spotify and deezer, its on the IzzyOnDroid f-droid repo

Edit: Its also on Aurora. Search ‘Blade Deezer’ to find it easily.

Blade seems to not stream through Spotify though.
It’s lore like a music player for your own downloaded collection (including your downloaded Spotify tracks).

Oh ok, my bad then, I had just read about it. I don’t use spotify or deezer to test so thanks for the extra info about it.

Yeah, but… I need to have the contacts in whatsapp, I just can’t copy a phone number every time I want to send a message to someone…

I tried to use Instagram in the browser : it works but it’s not very fluid to use… The other problem is that it doesn’t support multiples accounts.

For spotify, I’ll test statify. I also found an other project called Pasta for Spotify, but I’m not sure if it’s open source and still maintained…

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If you once used a phone number with open in whatsapp it’s available for ever. But you can use my howto for using wgatsapp under shelter, so Mark Zuckerberg won’t get all your data.

Yes, instagram in browser us a pain. But you can it also use under shelter.

Install ‘ClassyShark’ snd proof your apos for trackers. If padta for spotify dies have trackers, deinstall it

I will try to use shelter for WhatsApp and Instagram.

I will test pasta for spotify, just two questions :

  • the license is Apache-2.0, is it open source ?
  • it seems like the last update was tree years ago, is it safe to use this old program ?

For what for you need Apache on your phone :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I have just found this pwa. It looks nice. Could be a good workaroud for instagram

That was the license of Pasta for Spotify. But I think it’s open source.

Do you think it’s better than using the official app under shelter ?

No, in.the meantime i have tried it sometimes. But the original better under shelter

I have tried and used the PWA for a week.
It is quite slow, everything is not accessible… It can be alright if you’re not posting stories that often…

After testing Pasta for Spotify for a few days, it works but it’s not as good as the official app.
I can’t do play/pause with my bluetooth headset, I can’t send music to my amplifier at home and it crashes sometimes. It’s totally usable but I prefer the official app because I use these functions.

So I installed Shelter and Whatsapp, Instagram and Spotify into it. It works but there is only one problem : I can’t have the /e/ cloud contacts in the shelter for whatsapp (it’s very inconvenient to have only the phone numbers). Any ideas, solutions ?


There’s a whole thread by our good friend @harvey186 here explaining using whatsapp under shelter

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Whatsapp is copying your whole adressbook to his own server. So for your pivacy it’s a goid choise to have only the phone numbers in your adressbook in shelter.
But as b3pio has written, check my howto for more information

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I used this howto to install and setup shelter. For the contacts, it is explained how to import a contact file in shelter, but not how to synchronize the /e/ cloud contacts in shelter. If I try to connect my /e/ account in shelter (is it a bad idea ?), it goes in the settings outside shelter…

I know :grimacing: