OS Upgrade - need volunteers to test official FP2 pie build

Pie is there:
https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP2/ e-0.7-p-2020020840484-dev-FP2.zip
But also the last build for Nougat. For upgrade from Nougat to Pie choose this one first:
and update after that.

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Personally I’m waiting for tomorrow to have the official launch announcement and instructions from /e/ team directly instead of from a user.

Same for me, I’ll wait the official instructions as I’m not so confident to do it by myself.
I found great that eelo offers us the possibility to be able to upgrade from Nougat to Pie.
I there a recommended way to move to Pie ? Is a completely new installation is better ?

These remarks I don’t understand. @pjmbraet isn’t a nobody. And the /e/ OS ROMs are from the official /e/ ROM latest dev build downloads site …

As this thread has been initiated by Manoj I was expecting an official message from him and not a tester. I’m not as aware as you and I’m a low level user so I need clear instructions not a short 4 lines message on a forum. I understand that pjmbraet wanted to let us know that the “files” are already available, but it is not the “official” eelo communication, isn’t it ?

By the way, what is the minimum required version of TWRP that shall be used ?

Hi @Alt0216 the documentation for the device will be updated on wiki once the upgrade release comes out.
You would get the TWRP version details on it.

Thanks for the update.

Thanks a lot for this update!
I will probably take the opportunity to clean my FP2 by reinstalling from scratch.
But do you have a hint on how long will it take to get the updater app support upgrades from one Android version to another?

Is there any risk of bricking the phone by installing pie with TWRP Or should I always be able to apply the backup?
If there is no risk, is there any good reason for me to upgrade my TWRP version to

No ETA’s we will test it on one device from the Samsung series soon - may be next week. The ETA for all devices will depend on the outcome of this test, as we may need to make changes and do bug fixes.

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Hi Manoj.
So the the upgrade offically camed out ?
I found this following an article from TOOLinux : https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP2/install

And https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP2/upgrade for the upgrade to Pie on the wiki.

Did I miss something or there is no “official” communication ?

18 days ago…

Hu ! I should check the Annoucements more often ! I was thinking it would be in FP2 sub forum … Thanks

Good point I should have closed this thread. Closing now as the FP2 Pie build is out now.