OS Upgrade - need volunteers to test official FP2 pie build

As you are aware we are initiating the OS upgrade for supported devices.

  • The testing will start from next week

  • We are planning to start the testing with FP2

  • The OS upgrade will need to be manually flashed - no OTA upgrade for now.

  • Need a few volunteer FP2 users who will manually flash the test FP2 build and let us know if it works as expected.

  • The FP2 build will be based on v1-pie /e/ branch

  • Those interested please send in the following details to testing@e.email

    /e/ email ID (optional)
    Tester Name (optional)
    gitlab ID (required)
    Telegram ID (required)

[ Need the gitlab ID to add your name to the testing project , telegram ID is need to add your name to the telegram /e/ testing channel ]


Flashing manually means following this procedure, is that correct?

Flashing will be installing using TWRP or ODIN / Heimdall (for samsung devices). The process we will want to test is which version of TWRP work best, issues in the upgrade is any… For FP2 we already have a few volunteers who have signed up…a special thanks to them.

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Removed from the author so that there are no misunderstandings.

I’m not on telegram, it is too much alike social media. Please just publish a download link, I urgently want to leave Nougat.
Or for building, replace “BRANCH_NAME=v1-oreo” by “BRANCH_NAME=v1-pie” would it work?

Hi @pjmbraet
The telegram channel is where the testing team updates on issues with the build. Test build downloads are available for users who are on the gitlab project …users cannot build the test ROM because it is available OTA. will add your details which you shared with me on the mail. Thanks for volunteering to help with the testing.

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Where on Gitlab? Cannot find it.

You will see the testing project once you are added to it. You just sent me the Gitlab ID and it will be added by Romain to the project.

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Hello @Manoj
I have a spare FP2 that is available for testing, but like @pjmbraet, I’m off Telegram.
Are you still interested ?

Hi, @breversa
I made a Telegram account only for this testing purpose.

I am assuming you are writing about the FP2 …you can always volunteer. Though as @pjmbraet said having a telegram ID helps as the links are all posted on the testing channel. You can always delete the ID after you are done with the testing.

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sent a message for testing

I will get soon a FP2, and I am planning to install /e/. I will let you know @Manoj and sign up then (like in one week or so). Would that be ok?

Hi Manoj,
How far did you get with pie for FP2? Do you still need volunteers? I could join.

HI @gautgaut, we are done with the FP2 testing…hope to release it for all users this week. Thanks for offering to help with the testing all the same.

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any news for the build? I got my FP2 today, so I’d like to install /e/! :wink:

You can install /e/ now. As long as your device is not encrypted (at least until the upgrade) you can even upgrade from nougat to pie as soon as official pie is out.

Personally, I would wait.

We will release the FP2 official Pie build on Monday 10 - Feb. We had to complete the release for all the other devices first so the release got a bit delayed.