OS Upgrade Testing : FP3 and OnePlus Nord Avicii

:loudspeaker: Announcing the OS Upgrade testing on 2 devices

Test the OS upgrade and do let us know your feedback :pray:

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My daily driver is a FP4, so I decided to upgrade my FP3 to /e/OS 1.9-rc (2023, February 28) and the upgrade went smooth. No data lost.

Everything seems to be fine.

Once again, great work /e/ team! :clap:


Just ugraded my oneplus Nord. I am new on e (coming from ios). I am very happy with everything and especially this upgrade is huge. Everything was smooth :partying_face::clap::clap:

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Oneplus Nord upgrade 1.8.1 R dev β†’ 1.9S dev (without format data)

For now, everything works fine, including Notes app importation

…so, stay tuned…

The 1.9-s-stable-FP3 upgrade works fine for me, I am a happy man.
For two weeks I bought a Murena One for my wife.
The 1.9 update went well and without any problems.
Tanks dev-team for all your work.

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