OS Upgrade - Volunteer Testers Required - Next Set of Devices for OS Upgrade

@archje : I’ve just replying to Manoj at “sorry for inconvenience”…

Update: Any users with a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 - a5y17lte ? If yes pl can you help with the testing of the upgrade pie build.
During our upgrade testing to Pie our tester reported an issue with Bluetooth which we wanted to test on another similar device.
If the issue is replicated we will have to withhold the upgrade for this device and move on to the next set to devices to upgrade while we check what the issue is.

Yes @Manoj, here is a device a5y17lte SM-A520F free for testing. Bluetooth device (remote station) also present. Please compare Telegram /e/ upgrade testing channel.

Thanks and added your credentials to the testing team…thanks for volunteering.

I like doing it very much. The download of e-0.7-p-2020031244891-test-a5y17lte is complete mow.

Upgrade Release Held back due to bugs
LeEco Le 2 - s2 -> Oreo
( testing to continue)

Pie Upgrade for the below devices is now live
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 - chiron -> pie
Xiaomi Mi 5s - capricorn -> pie
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 - a5y17lte -> Pie

Testers needed for the next set of devices for Pie upgrade

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - mido -> Pie
Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 (Exynos) - a3xeltexx -> Pie
Huawei Honor 5X - kiwi -> Pie
OnePlus 5T - dumpling -> Pie
Oneplus 5 - cheeseburger -> Pie

As always those interested in testing can send in these details to testing@e.email

/e/ email ID (optional)
Tester Name (optional)
/e/ Gitlab ID ( required)
Telegram username (required)

[ Need the gitlab ID to add your name to the testing project , telegram ID is need to add your name to the telegram /e/ testing channel ]

Please note: Only users who have experience of flashing their devices with stock and /e/OS ROM’s need to volunteer for the testing.


Do you need more testers for the s7 edge (G935F) ?

Please tell me why to release test builds for Leiko Le 2-s2 on nougat?

I m quite sure the upgrading is to pie and with it the testing consists of nougat/oreo versions which will during the test being upgraded to pie :slight_smile:

The upgrade is for Pie as @Chimpthepimp has also mentioned. The pie build when we tested has issues in that the OS appears to be quite slow also there is an issue with encryption so we would be holding back the LeEco s2 upgrade until it is well tested.


I kind of missed this.
Happy to test the Pinebook

We closed the PineBook testing and it is already live. You can raise bugs if any on gitlab.

There is no hurry, but any news about the release date of the Samsung S7 (herolte) upgrade to Oreo/Pie ?

The reason for the delay is that there is a bug in the build which the developers are fixing.

Thank you @Manoj, we just have to be patient :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s been over a month since Xiaomi Mix 2S (polaris) was mentioned last time. Since then I have managed to buy one, so now I can’t wait to try it with eOS Pie and even ready to became a BETA-tester. Is there any news regarding this model?

The focus has shifted for the time to some of the other critical tasks like the FP3 release. Hopefully our device upgrades plans should be back on track from the next week.

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One time a day to look if oreo build for Galaxy S7 is coming/arriving/arrived… :wink:

Thanks for this great rom !

This thread as well as our upgrade process has been silent for almost two months now.
Believe me when I write this, as the person who is driving this I have been following up on this on a regular basis. This week we have been conducting a series of internal meetings at /e/ to discuss how we can take this forward.
The small size of the team does not help much either. What happens is when ever we have a big ticket item like the release of the FP3 or the easy-installer all eyes are focused on those activities and as such the other tasks get sidelined.
I will be updating the plan on how we intend to move forward with

  • Upgrades of existing devices to Oreo or Pie where available
  • Decide when to start on integrating 17.1 into the source

Will update all in this thread what the decision is. Stay tuned.



Hej @Manoj, open and honest communication has always been a successful recipe for partnership.

Many of us /e/nthusiasts are concerned about the internal situation of /e/. Understaffing and limited resources at /e/ are no secret. This is reflected e.g. in only 20 of 93 smartphones supported by /e/ run with 9-pie. Even the flagships of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S9 series only work with 7-Nougart and 8.1.0 Oreo.

In your opinion, what can the /e/ community do to improve the situation?

How could we win over new developers for /e/?

I would be happy to donate between one and ten Euros per month for a period of 2-3 years if it would be ensured that the money is used exclusively for the further development of individual builds.

I would find it best if regular donations could be made directly to /e/ build developers.

With a (small) monthly fixed income private spare time ROM developers could be supported in home office and part-time work to work continuously on the development.

A (temporary) part-time job and job sharing with guaranteed financial compensation - could be a solution. Only reliable donors and developers have to find together, right?