OsmAnd APP crashes


I want to use OsmAnd APP in my Murena FP4.

After Installation its getting stuck immediately after opening. I can’t send notice to OsmAnd.


Please assist for Further steps to identify the failure

Thank you


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It’s a well known bug and should be fixed in one of the following updates.
jvm heapsize is to small

Workaround here:

I am using another workaround that works out of the box without anything…

One more thing:
This forum has a search function

Thank for the hint search before ask!

The technical level in the quoted post is too high for me.

Would you share your workaround out of box with me if this is lower level?
Otherwise I’ll await the update.

What I could answer is not allowed here

Interesting. One day in the community and just reached the edge :slight_smile:

I must wait till update

Viele Grüße

Gerhard Langermann